Oshi no Ko Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Oshi no Ko Season 2

Oshi no Ko is the highest popular anime in Spring 2023. It tops the popular anime with a score of 8.77 on MyAnimeList. Here is an update on the release date for the Oshi no Ko Season 2 anime.

Oshi no Ko is an anime adaptation of the Manga series written by Aka Akasaka. The anime is animated by Doga Kobo licensed by Sentai Filmworks and produced by Shueisha, CyberAgent, and Kadokawa.

The first season of Oshi no Ko aired on April 12, 2023, and finished on June 28, 2023, with 11 episodes.

Anime Oshi no Ko itself is an anime with the genre Drama, Supernatural, and the main theme of ShowBiz and Reincarnation.

Now for those of you who are curious about the continuation of the Oshi no Ko Season 2 anime. Here are the latest updates and updates regarding when it will be released.

When Will Oshi no Ko Season 2 be Released?

When Will Oshi no Ko Season 2 be Released?

Studio Doga Kobo, Sentai Filmworks, Shueisha, CyberAgent, and Kadokawa have officially announced the continuation of the Oshi no Ko Season 2 anime. This anime is currently in the production stage. We will announce the release schedule of Oshi no Ko Season 2 in the future.

Shueisha published the Oshi no Ko manga written by Aka Akasaka on April 23, 2020. The manga is still in a running status with 11 volumes already released.

It is certain that the story of Oshi no Ko is still very long, if you look at the existing material, it can at least be made for the next three seasons.

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Not surprisingly, with its high popularity. The studio immediately confirmed the continuation of Oshi no Ko Season 2.

But unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer regarding the broadcast schedule considering that making an anime takes a long time.

Oshi no Ko Anime Synopsis

In the world of entertainment, celebrities often show an exaggerated version of themselves to everyone, but hide their thoughts and struggles that have many complicated lies.

Fans buy into the publicity, showering idols with undying support and love until something shatters the illusion.

Sixteen-year-old new idol star Ai Hoshino of Pop Idol Group B Komachi has everyone hooked.

However, when she announced a hiatus due to her health issues, the news that came made everyone worried.

As an avid fan, Gorou Amemiya supported his rural medical practice and hoped he could meet his idol in person one day.

His wish comes true when Ai shows up at his hospital, only to find that she is not sick and is pregnant with twins.

While the doctor promises Ai a safe delivery, she asks if this meeting with her idol will forever change her relationship with Ai.

Thus above is an update and update on the continuation of the Oshi no Ko Season 2 anime. Stay tuned for the latest updates on other anime only at Timeture.

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