Odd Taxi Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Odd Taxi Season 2

When will Odd Taxi Season 2 be released? This anime is inspired by the manga series by Seto Utsumi. This manga series has just been released but has already been adapted into the first season of the anime series.

The studio that animated the first season is OLM in collaboration with PICS studio, Odd Taxi anime premiered in spring 2021. And recently they ended its broadcast at the stopping point of episode 13.

The first season of Odd Taxi was directed by Baku Kinoshita who was none other than the chief director and Norio Nitta was the assistant director.

Meanwhile, the character designs were handed over to Hiromi Nakayama and Kinoshita. Kenji Kato serves as its art director. And the color design was handed over to Tatsue Ozaki.

Currently, fans who have followed the first debut of this anime are asking a lot about the renewal of the second season. So when is the schedule for the anime Odd Taxi season 2 to be released? here’s what we know about it!

When Will Odd Taxi Season 2 be Released?

When Will Odd Taxi Season 2 be Released?

Odd Taxi’s first season premiered on April 6, 2021, lasted until 13 episodes and ended on June 29, 2021. The first season achieved a perfect score of 13,393 anime viewers on reviews on MyAnimeList, Currently, Odd Taxi has a score of 8.70 out of 10 and this rating is likely will continue to increase in the future.

Even so, for Odd Taxi season 2, until the final update, both the producers nor the studio had not officially confirmed the payment and release schedule.

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Unfortunately, the producers and the studio have to wait some more time until the manga series provides enough content for the second season.

The first season adapts the entire manga series, which only has 1 volume, but because the manga is still being published, this is good news for fans who are waiting for season 2.

Now fans don’t have to worry just yet because this event has just finished so the production team still has some time left until they are ready to announce it.

You can expect the announcement to be confirmed early in 2022 given its growing popularity and since the manga series is still being published season 2 has the potential to be renewed.

We will keep an eye on the update once it is confirmed, our next article will let you know soon.

What is The Plotline of Odd Taxi Season 2?

Set in an anthropomorphic animal world, the anime Odd Taxi follows an eccentric and reserved 41-year-old taxi driver named Odokawa, who has no relatives and doesn’t have much contact with other people. But he often chatted when getting passengers in his taxi and dropping them off in the middle of the trip.

He starts chatting with many of his customers, including a student who wants to go viral, a nurse who is hiding her secrets, a failed comedian, a rising idol, and even a street criminal.

Conversation after conversation went through a lot until it brought him to a high school girl who disappeared a few days ago. What happened to Odokawa next? you can see through his first debut.

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That’s about the Odd Taxi season 2 anime, I hope the above review helps a little for fans who ask about the Odd Taxi season 2 release schedule, even though it hasn’t been confirmed we will help fans get the latest updates. That is all and thank you!

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