Megalo Box Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Megalo Box Season 3

When will the anime Megalo Box Season 3 be released? Created by TMS Entertainment in association with its subsidiary 3xCube, Megalo Box is a sports drama TV anime.

The story takes place in Japan, and the gap between the rich and the poor in the world is increasing. A new version of boxing, called Megalo Boxing, has become very common in this world. Where fighters are allowed to wear metal equipment to increase their strength.

In the first season, the protagonist Joe garnered popularity for fighting without equipment and even won the inaugural Megalonia tournament. In season 2, Joe then managed to beat his toughest competitor, Mac.

What will happen in the Megalo Box season 3? Here’s what we know about the release schedule and prospects for Megalo Box Season 3!

When Will Megalo Box Season 3 be Released?

When Will Megalo Box Season 3 be Released?

Megalo Box season 2 premiered on April 4, 2021, and aired 13 episodes before ending on June 27, 2021.

As for the release date for Megalo Box season 3, the producers and studios involved in this anime project have not made an official statement regarding the Megalo Box season 3 release schedule.

After we get official confirmation, in the next article we will update the information in full.

Megalo Box Season 3 Considerations

Megalo Box Season 3 Considerations

In the meantime, to speculate on when the Megalo Box season 3 release date might occur in the future,

The second season excels the first, which was a lot of fun but still feels like a rehash even though the quirky elements of Geats do a lot for it.

While the reviews for the first season were good, the first season’s BD Disc sales figures were terrible. Hopefully, sales of the second season of Blu-ray in Japan will increase.

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Apparently, this anime has been quite popular in terms of streaming revenue, especially from the announcement by Studio Parties in New York City, that worldwide streaming revenues have impacted the Japanese anime industry in recent years. Let’s hope that Megalo Boss season 2, which had a higher review score, can replicate that success.

The Megalo box anime is based on the 20-volume manga series by author Asao Takamori and illustrated by Tetsuya Chiba that was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 1968 to 1973. The 70s anime adaptation ran for 79 episodes and received a 1980 anime film that acted as a bridge. for a second season, Ashita no Joe 2. There are also two live-action films, including the 2011 remake.

Anime Megalo Box is more of a story reimagining than a modern remake. Joe Yabuki is replaced by Junk Dog, who lives in a dystopian future where the gap between social classes is higher. Junk Dog’s nemesis, boxing champion Megalo Yuri, is already at the top of his game compared to the real Toru Rikiishi, who met Joe while serving time in prison.

Regardless, the basic premise is pretty much the same from the start Yuri/Rikiishi challenged the defeated Junk Dog/Joe to a future fight as professional boxers. Likewise, Junk Dog lacks the necessary citizenship credentials to fight in the Megalomania tournament while Joe struggles to get his boxing license.

Junk Dog took the name Joe mostly because he wanted to take punches at the top class, which Yuri represents. After all, the integrated Gear like his exoskeleton is the pinnacle of boxing technology produced by Melonia’s sponsor, Shirato Group.

Tetsuya Chiba wrote before the Megalo Box anime reimagining event that he was proud to be involved in producing this very iconic manga adaptation by saying “If there is a human drama that continues to live even with the changing times, maybe it can also evoke empathy for its fans in the past. I heard that various projects are being prepared on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.”

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“I am very proud to be a part of a series that has been loved for such a long time and at the same time I am very grateful to the fans who still love Joe, even after such a long time.

The new anime Megalo Box is being produced by such people, who love Ashita not Joe. I look forward to this work, which will resonate with the current generation. It will be something completely new but it will also have a gist all over the place.”

Seeing the enthusiasm of the related staff and the manga series still has room to be realized in the anime, we can assume Megalo Box season 3 will likely get a push to be renewed.

However, because this event is still relatively new, we can look forward to it in the future, but we hope that Megalo Box season 3 can be announced in early 2024.

What is The Plotline of Megalo Box Season 3?

Megalo Box is set in Country Japan in a Fictional, Futuristic timeline. In the event’s timeline, the class division in Japan has reached a point where the only residents with a permit to live in the heart of the city are wealthy while the residents without a permit live in the slums on the outskirts of the city.

In this dystopia, a new sport called Megalo Boxing has become very popular. Like boxing, Megalo Boxing involves fighters colliding with each other, but there’s a problem. In Megolo Boxing, fighting uses a metal frame and mechanical limbs known as gears to increase their speed and power.

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Even though this sport is dangerous, it does not make it avoided, on the contrary, this sport is very popular throughout the world, and many people compete in it.

In this setting, Megalo Box follows a promising young boxer known as Junk Dog who fights in an illegal underground fighting circuit. Despite Junk Dog’s talent, his trainer, Gansaku Nanbu, fixes the fights, and never taps into Junk Dog’s full potential.

Junk Dog’s life changes when he nearly crashes his motorbike into Yukiko Shurato, the head of a very wealthy group, and then leads him into a fight with Yukiko’s bodyguard, who is also the world boxing champion Megalo.

Although Yukino stops the fight, Yuri curiously looks for Junk Dog on the illegal fighting circuit, and Yuki challenges him and then defeats him in one round.

Despite being defeated Yuri challenges him again and enters the Global Megalomania tournament to fight him again.

Qualification to the tournament, which attracts fighters from around the world, is no easy feat, but Junk Dog takes up the challenge. Backed by a crime syndicate fixing his matches, Junk Dog thus brings professionally licensed Megalo Boxing.

However, Junk Dog is facing fighters as nothing has ever been seen before, and he will have to give it his all if he is to enter the final round of the tournament. The show traces Junk Dog’s journey as he goes from a lowly, unlicensed boxer to a well-known professional boxer.

This is the discussion about the Megalo Box Season 3 anime. Hopefully, this information can help loyal Megalo Box fans. That’s all and thank you!

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