10 Most Complete Legal Anime Watching Apps on Android

Legal Anime Watching Apps on Android

For those who like to watch anime, you must install the application to watch legal anime on Android devices. This application will make it easier for you to find the various anime you want.

Anime is an animation made by Japan, of course, many of you understand about anime and many have known since childhood because they often hold it on national TV.

As time goes by, in the past anime might be watched through TV broadcasts, but now you can watch using a smartphone through a site or application.

Therefore, we have recommendations that you can use to watch anime through an Android smartphone. The following are the recommendations.

List of Legal Anime Watching Apps on Android

List of Legal Anime Watching Apps on Android

Immediately, here is a list of the best applications that you can use to watch anime on an Android smartphone.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a special application for watching anime legally, where Crunchyroll was developed directly by Crunchyroll LLC which is also a large company.

So it is guaranteed that Crunchyroll has a special license for all aired anime, in addition to Crunchyroll has been used by 50 million users worldwide.

2. iQIYI

iQIYI is a legal anime viewing application, in addition to anime the application also presents reality shows and dramas which of course you can download for free.

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Available anime with Indonesian subtitles, iQIYI itself has been downloaded by 50 million users with a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform from Google, in the past there were no anime uploaded on YouTube, but with the interest of viewers who want to access anime more easily, there are now many YouTube channels with anime content.

Anime on YouTube is legal and licensed directly from Japan, one of the YouTube channels that shows anime is Muse Indonesia.

4. Station – Bilibili

The station is a sub-application of Bilibili. Bilibili itself is a platform for various videos from China, this application is the Chinese version of the YouTube application.

However, Station is devoted to showing various legal anime for free which is quite the same as on YouTube.

5. Youku

Youku is a fairly new free application, that shows a variety of entertainment ranging from Drama, Movies to Anime.

Just like iQIYI, the Youku application also has two accesses for users ranging from the free version to the paid version, but certainly, all anime on the Yokee application is legal and safe.

6. Pops

Pops is a platform devoted to your favorite entertainment that includes anime, music, comics, games, movies, and even esports.

Pops display content according to your country, so you don’t worry about the absence of Indonesian subtitles when you watch anime.

7. Netflix

Who doesn’t know Netflix, a giant company that focuses on the movie industry? On Netflix, you can also watch anime.

Netflix produces various movies with many categories, one of which is anime, even Netflix itself often collaborates with various Japanese studios in making anime and airing on Netflix.

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8. iFlix

iFlix is an application that is no less the same as Netflix, where in this application you can watch movies with various categories, one of which is anime.

iFlix is part of WeTV and has been downloaded and installed by 50 million users worldwide.

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a movie-watching platform, where the application is specially made by Amazon, which is a giant company from the US.

Interestingly, there are many anime movies that you can watch through the Amazon Prime Video application. Amazon Prime Video itself has been downloaded by 500 million users.


HIDIVE is one of the anime that you can use to watch anime legally. Where this application was developed by HIDIVE LLC and has the tagline Stream Your Anime!

No wonder HIDIVE focuses on airing anime only, there is a complete anime series and you can watch as much as you want on HIDIVE.

Thus above is an application to watch legal anime that you can download on Android. Hopefully, the above reviews can be useful and useful, especially for you wibu.

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