When Kantai Collection Season 2 Release Date? Watch This PV

Kantai Collection Season 2

Anime Kancolle aka Kantai Collection season 2 is finally confirmed to be coming this year. As before, the sequel to the “ship-ship” anime, which is now titled KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de, will air in October 2022.

After a long wait, the first PV video for this anime has finally been officially released.

Yes, the Kantai Collection season 2 anime PV video has been uploaded by the Kadokawa Anime Channel on YouTube on Friday (1/4).

And as already written, this PV features entirely new characters and stories compared to previous seasons, such as Shigure, Shiratsutu, Yahagi, Yukikaze, and Hamakaze. Interestingly, this PV also features trailer video footage that was previously released in 2019 and 2020.

The anime series Kantai Collection season 2 itself is said to be presenting a different story from the first season, where the story focuses on the trio of Kanmusu characters Shigure, Yahagi, and Yukikaze.

The story in the anime itself is said to be inspired by the story of two events near the end of World War II, the Leyte Gulf Campaign and Operation Ten-Go.

The PV Kantai Collection Season 2 can be watched below

Anime KanColle season 2 will be produced by studio ENGI and directed by Kazuya Miura (DRAMAtical Murder, Full Dive, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!).

The anime script itself will be handled by the story writer in the game, Kensuke Tanaka, while the character designs will be governed by Chika Noumi. For the sound section, Kaori Ohkosi will be working on the background music, while Yuichi Imaizumi will be composing the sound.

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Interestingly, different from anime in general which airs 11-13 episodes per cour, this anime is said to be present in only 8 episodes format. This was chosen by the production team so that the anime could present a denser story with a shorter number of episodes.

The voice actors confirmed to be playing in this anime are Saki Fujita, Yumi Tanabe, Aya Suzaki, Yui Horie, Iori Nomizu, Yui Ogura, Risa Taneda, Kozue Hayasaka, Wakana Miyawaka, Mana Komatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Yuki Yamada, and Nao Touyama.
anime kancolle season 2

Adapted from the free-to-play web-browser game by Kadokawa, the Kantai Collection anime premiered in January 2015. The news of his presence had been announced after the anime ended.

Still, confirmation about the production of a second anime season emerged in January 2019 with the release of a new PV video focusing on the character Kanmusu Shigure.

Meanwhile, the anime film titled KanColle The Movie was released in 2017 by presenting a story that directly connects to the first season of the anime series. The film itself is also screened in cinema networks in the country.

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