Joshikausei Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Joshikausei Season 2

Fans of the anime series must be familiar with the title Joshikausei or “Joshi Kausei“. This anime aired in 2019. The relatively good ratings of this anime have made fans hope there will be a Joshikausei season 2 in the future.

Approximately, will there be a continuation season for this Joshikausei anime? Let’s get the full answer by reading this article to the end.

Will There Be a Joshikausei Season 2?

Will There Be a Joshikausei Season 2?

Article Update on April 13, 2024

Before being produced in anime form, Joshikausei was originally a Manga series. The manga is a work created by Ken Wakai. Meanwhile, the anime is produced by studio Seven.

Even though the anime series Joshikausei which was released on April 6, 2019 – June 22 2019 has ended in 1 season and with a total of 12 episodes, the fact is that the story in the manga series is continuing to this day.

This raises hopes for a sequel or Joshikausei season 2.

There are several logical reasons why fans of the anime Joshikausei are eagerly awaiting the release of a sequel. The following is a summary of some of the senses.

1. Popularity and Good Rating

One indicator of the success of an anime series is ratings and popularity. If the rating is high, the anime is really good and worth watching.

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This Comedy, Slice of Life, School genre anime is indeed able to attract many viewers. Even people who haven’t watched anime before are interested.

Based on the MyAnimeList site, Joshikausei received a rating of 5.80 out of 10. This high rating and popularity seem to be enough of a strong reason to make a sequel.

2. Sufficient Material Resources

Rating and popularity will not be able to encourage a production studio to make a sequel if the story material is finished. But Manga Joshikausei still has enough story to make a sequel.

3. High Sales Figures in All Sectors

The last reason that can be considered for making a sequel to an anime is its fantastic sales figures.

If sales of manga, anime DVDs, and income from various streaming platforms show positive results, then it is very likely that the anime will get a follow-up season.

With good sales figures, automatically the author and production studio get big profits. This could also be the impetus for a sequel. There is greater profit potential from the continued season.

When Will Joshikausei Season 2 be Released?

When Will Joshikausei Season 2 be Released?

Even though there have been several strong reasons until now there has been no official statement from the production studio or manga author regarding Joshikausei season 2.

So, until now it is still in the form of speculation.

Joshikausei anime lovers are still very optimistic and have high hopes for the release of the next season.

Let’s look forward to it together, hopefully, there will be an official statement soon from the parties involved in this one anime project.

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Joshikausei Characters & Voices

Joshikausei Characters & Voices

These are some of the characters in the anime Joshikausei, and their seiyuu or voice actors.

  1. Momoko Futo (Rika Tachibana)
  2. Shibumi Shibusawa (Tomoi Mineuchi)
  3. Mayumi Furui (Yurika Kubo)


The conclusion that can be drawn from the explanation above is that there is still a possibility for Joshikausei season 2 in the future.

This is because there is still sufficient stock of story material and the response from the audience is also positive.

But the anime production process certainly takes a long time. So, the launching of Joshikausei season 2 might not be done shortly.

While waiting for the next season to be released, it’s a good idea to read the main Manga series to refresh and get other interesting details that are usually cut or not in the anime series, given the duration.

If there is an official update or announcement regarding this Joshikausei anime, it will be announced again on this blog. Stay tuned!

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