Date a Live Season 5 Release Date, When Will Show?

Date a Live Season 5

Surely you’re looking for information regarding the release date of the anime Date a Live Season 5, right? The continuation of the series from this one anime franchise will soon air.

Timeture discussed it in detail regarding the release date of the Date a Live S5 anime. The anime, which is based on this light novel series, is indeed very popular.

The Date a Live anime, produced by studio AIC PLus+, was released in April 2013. Followed by season 2 which was released in June 2013.

Then the success with seasons 1 and 2, so don’t be surprised if it continues with season 3 in 2019 and season 4 in 2022. Then is there a continuation of the Date a Live season 5?

When Will Date a Live Season 5 Release?

When Will Date a Live Season 5 Anime Release?

Update: Unfortunately, there is still no information regarding the continuation of the Date a Live Season 5 anime. We still have to wait for official information from both the website and the Studio J.C Staff who produced it.

Going forward, we will always provide the latest updates regarding Date a Live next season on this page.

Anime Date a Live Season 5 will air starting in April 2022 and ending in July 2022. Anime Date a Live itself is one of the most popular anime series which is really eagerly awaited for the next season, which is season 5.

This anime is an anime that has a lot of criticism that is quite spicy as well. This happened when the cultivation or production of this anime switched to its new studio, namely J.C Staff.

However, even so, this anime still has a good rating, so it’s been waiting for the continuation of season 5.

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This anime itself tells about a student who has the power to release the spirit, namely Itsuka Shido.

This harem-spiced adventure does have its own point. The Date a Live anime will soon be continued by studio JC Staff, which will be directed by Keitaro Motonaga.

Of course, Hideki Shirane and Koji Watanabe will still be the ones who designed the characters in the new season.

What Is The Plotline of Date a Live Season 5?

In the background 30 years ago, a phenomenon called “Spacequakke” occurred. Where this disaster destroyed the center of the Eurasian city.

From this disaster, it was recorded that there were around 150 million people who had become victims, but the phenomenon of Spacequake on a smaller scale is now appearing in various places in the world.

Itsuka Shidou is an ordinary high school boy who during the Spacequake phenomenon meets a mysterious girl who has no name and wears an armored dress and a sword in her hand.

It is known, that the girl is a Spirit which is the main cause of this phenomenon. There are two ways to deal with the spirit. Where by discussing or destroying it.

However, Shidou didn’t want to use violence, he chose the first way, namely to face the spirits and make the spirits fall in love with Shidou.

This is where Date A Live appears where Shidou has to conquer the hearts of the spirits that appear.

Well, that’s the information related to the release date of the anime Date a Live Season 5. That’s all and thank you.

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