Call of the Night Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Call of the Night Season 2

Call of the Night Season 2 is a popular anime that you must wait for. Here’s an update on the release date and updates.

Call of the Night aka “Yofukashi No Uta” is a Summer 2022 anime that first aired on July 8, 2022, and finished on September 30, 2022, with a total of 30 episodes.

This anime is produced by LIDENFILMS which is adapted from the manga series. Call of the Night takes the theme of vampires, romance, and the supernatural.

After finishing the first season, the following are updates and updates for when the Call of the Night Season 2 anime releases.

When Will Call of the Night Season 2 Release?

Update: Until now, LIDENFILMS and various other related companies have not officially announced the continuation of the Call of the Night Season 2 anime.

Through this page, we will update regularly, if one day the latest details of this anime have been announced.

Become a popular anime in the summer of 2022. Call of the Night is one of the anime that gets a rating of 8.16 on the MyAnimeList site.

With this score, it’s not surprising that many viewers want a sequel to the series.

Discussing the continuation of an anime, of course, will not be far from the material used for the adaptation of an anime.

Call of the Night is adapted from the manga series of the same name. Until now, the manga entitled Call of the Night or Call of the Night is still in the “Running” status.

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In the manga version. Call of the Night has about 12 Volumes, whereas usually, a season will contain about 3 or 4 volumes only.

This means, with 12 volumes will contain approximately three anime seasons. And Call of the Night is sure to get another season.

Even so, we have to wait longer regarding the announcement of the Call of the Night Season 2 anime in the future.

What is The Plotline of Call of the Night Season 2?

Kou Yamori is a high school student who struggles to understand the concept of love.

Yamori once had a sense of giving up on being normal, and he soon stopped going to school due to insomnia and laziness. Kou spent the whole night walking around at night.

One night, Ku meets a strange girl named Nazuna Nanakusa, she believes that staying awake at night is due to being dissatisfied with how they spend their time and can’t rest until they let go.

Nazuna offers to help you with what problem is disturbing his sleep, he invites Kou to his place and then various mattresses together.

Feeling uncomfortable, Kou then pretended to be asleep, and then that’s when Nazuna bit Kou’s neck and mentioned that he was a vampire.

Meanwhile, Kou thought the bite would turn him into a vampire as well, but apparently, his transformation wasn’t that simple. To become a vampire, he must be bitten by the person he truly loves.

Kou prepares to let go of his grim mortal life, and decides to have a new goal, he falls in love with Nazuma and becomes a vampire.

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Call of the Night Official Trailer

Thus the above is an update on when it will be released for the anime Call of the Night Season 2. Hopefully, it will be useful, and look forward to other anime reviews only on

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