Bofuri Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Bofuri Season 3

When will the anime “Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu” or Bofuri Season 3 be released?

Anime in the isekai genre is usually played by the main male characters, but that trend changed when Bofuri came up with a funny comedy.

Besides comedy, this anime also has good graphics, and the details of this anime are flawless, it doesn’t matter if this anime has a worldwide fan base.

The Bofuri series itself is an adaptation of the web novel series written by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin which premiered on the Shousetsuka ni Narou website in 2016.

Later this series was published in print in 2017 licensed by Kadokawa Books. In 2018 the Bofuri series was made into a manga.

Two years after the manga’s release, it was announced that the series would be adapted into an anime series, produced by Silver Link Studio (Masamune-kun no Revenge, Non non Biyori).

Furthermore, the first anime season is present on the viewer’s glass screen, the first Bofuri anime season premiered on January 8, 2020, showing 12 episodes that finished on March 25, 2020.

Since then, fans have asked about the release schedule for the anime Itai no Wa Iya Nano de Season 3.

So if you are curious, we have the latest news regarding the Bofuri Season 3 update, along with an explanation.

When Will BOFURI Season 3 be Released?

When Will BOFURI Season 3 be Released?

Update: Unfortunately there is no information regarding the continuation of the BOFURI Season 3 anime. Through this page, we will update regularly in the future.

Assuming that the next season will adapt the fifth volume, then Maple will get the chance to embark on an epic adventure with a guild master from another clan.

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He would then walk through Level 6 and Level 7 of the game which were far worse than anything he had ever faced before. Level 6 will have demons roaming freely in certain locations.

While the game admin, as usual, would try to find a way to get Maple into trouble, he would somehow create a bug in the game.

Later after advancing to level 7, he will realize that he needs to improve his abilities and even acquire new ones to deal with monsters at this level.

Challenges and enemies lay ahead but he already has what it takes to make it through.

What is The Plotline of BOFURI Season 3?

After an invitation she received from her friend, Kaede Honjou reluctantly agrees to play an online game called New World Online.

It is a very popular VRMMO game and is played by thousands of people in Japan.

When playing, he named his character “Maple” and he started his journey in the game. But as a beginner, he allocates all of his attribute points to his “Vitality” stats so he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Maple doesn’t have a single point for other stats, but she has very high defense, and can’t move fast and even hit hard.

However, that doesn’t make it a bad ending. With high defense, Maple is very strong like Total Defense, Poison Immunity, and Devour.

With these skills, along with the various powerful items he has obtained, it is possible to wipe out various large enemies with just one punch.

After several days of playing the game, Maple claimed third place in a server-wide event, earning her a good reputation as a player.

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Despite his strong character, however, Keade still has to learn, as he progresses through the game, he meets new friends and acquaintances who can help him to complete various in-game events.

Through all his adventures, he’s picked up some pretty crazy and powerful skills, and he’s even picked up some skills that exceed his expectations.

Thus the discussion regarding the anime Itai no Wa Iya Nano de Season 3.

I hope this information helps all fans and for those who want to watch the newest season, you can note the release schedule so you don’t forget. That is all and thank you!

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