Blue Period Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Blue Period Season 2

The continuation of the Blue Period Season 2 anime will be very interesting, after previously having a unique story, the second season it will make the main character more stressed about his new life.

In the first season, Blue Period was produced by Studio Seven Arcs, who are best known for the anime Arte from Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You.

Previously, they also produced anime series with fantasy genres such as Dances with the Dragons, Dog Days, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Trinity Seven.

In the future, studio Seven Arcs is also adapting the anime from the manga titled Mato Seihai no Slave, in addition, they have also confirmed Season 2 of the Tomikawa anime.

The first season of the Blue Period anime was led by Chief Director Koji Masunari, who is known for leading the Magi anime series.

Regarding the continuation of the Blue Period Season 2 anime, consider the following for clarity and predictions of when it will be released.

When Will Blue Period Season 2 Release?

When Will Blue Period Season 2 Release?

Quoting from the site to date, Netflix, Kodansha, DMM Pictures, Studio Seven Arcs and companies related to Blue Period Season have yet to confirm the continuation of Blue Period Season 2.

If the latest update has appeared, we will fix it via this page to provide the latest information.

Meanwhile, it is possible to speculate about the release date of the Blue Period Season 2 anime if it happens in the future.

An important difference to note is that Netflix itself does not directly determine whether the Blue Period Season will be renewed.

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Where Netflix only has exclusive international streaming rights, while the continuation of the Blue Period Season’s decision remains with the anime production side, Studio Seven Arcs.

But apart from that, regarding the success of shows from Netflix, it is an important factor whether the Blue Period anime will continue to next season. However, unfortunately, the first season of Blue Period did not reach the Top 10 on Netflix.

That said, there are plenty of positive signs for the Blue Period Season 2 update, although reviewers think the manga itself is better than the anime.

Therefore, it is estimated that the anime production committee will likely continue with Blue Period S2.

But the question is when the Blue Period Season anime will be released because the production time is not short and takes years.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to the continuation of the Blue Period Season 2 anime, it may be years, or even 2025.

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