Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Black Summoner Season 2

Kuro No Shoukanshi aka Black Summoner Season 2 became the most awaited anime series after the first season finished. The following is an update when it is released.

Black Summoner is an anime that was released in Summer 2022, this anime first aired on July 9, 2022.

An anime with Action and Fantasy genres, Black Summoner is adapted from a light novel written by Doufu Mayoi of the same name.

Although this anime has a mainstream theme, namely Isekai and Incarnation, Black Summoner provides a different and interesting story to look forward to.

The following is an update and update on when it will be released for the Black Summoner Season 2 anime.

When Will Black Summoner Season 2 Release?

When Will Black Summoner Season 2 Release?

Update: Until now, unfortunately, there has been no official announcement for the Black Summoner Season 2 anime.

In the future, we will provide regular updates via this page when the latest details are announced.

Discussing the Black Summoner anime, this anime got a pretty good rating on the MyAnimelist site with a score of 7.12.

Of course, because it has a good popularity, it is not impossible for the presence of Black Summoner Season 2 in the future.

As we know, the continuation of the anime series is very influential on the materials used.

When discussing the material. The Black Summoner manga is currently in the ongoing stage. This means that there are still many stories that have not been included in the anime version.

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The Black Summoner light novel series was first released in 2014. And even the light novel itself is still in ongoing status and has reached around 17 volumes.

The first season will probably contain only 3 or 4 volumes, and there will certainly be many more seasons to come in the future. So we just wait for the update on this page.

What is The Plotline of Black Summoner Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Black Summoner Season 2?

Prepare to reincarnate into a new world. Kelvin handed over all the memories of the previous world with great strength, skill points, and also the title of S class summoner.

Not only that, he gets a bonus goddess that facilitates his birth into a new world. Melfina offers anyone the choice of companion to give her a great start in her summoning.

Kelvin who fell in love with the goddess Melfina at first sight then chose the goddess Melfina as his choice.

Kelvin then begins his journey in a very exciting new world with Melfina as a guide.

However, to summon Melfina’s physical body, Kelvin must get a high amount of points.

To get a lot of points, he must increase his EXP and level by fighting strong enemies and he can contract with stronger partners thanks to the power of summoning.

Black Summoner Official Trailer

Thus the above is an update for the anime Kuro No Shoukanshi or Black Summoner Season 2. Hopefully, it will be useful, and see you soon!

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