Ars no Kyojuu Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Ars no Kyojuu Season 2

Ars no Kyojuu, also known as “Giant Beasts of Ars“, completed its first season debut on March 25, 2023. Now the fans are looking forward to Ars no Kyojuu Season 2 to find out the continuation of the storyline.

Ars no Kyojuu was adapted into an animated series and worked on by Studio Asahi Production with a total of 12 episodes. First aired on January 7, 2023.

The Manga series from Ars no Kyojuu Itself was written by Toshinori Ito and published by Kobunsha. The status is still ongoing until now.

This anime uses the Action and Adventure genre which is also spiced up with Fantasy Power. For the first debut of the anime, it was pretty good because it only got a rating of 6.12 on the MyAnimeList site out of a total of 10,000 rating users.

The question is, is there an Ars no Kyojuu Season 2? When is it Released? How is the information updated? For those of you who are curious about this, let’s just look at the full discussion below!

When Will Ars no Kyojuu Season 2 Release?

When Will Ars no Kyojuu Season 2 Release?

After the last episode aired on March 25, 2023, the Official Studio Asahi Production still has not provided any information or confirmation regarding the continuation of the second season until now.

Even so, seeing from its current condition, the Manga Series from Ars no Kyojuu itself is still ongoing until now. The manga series itself was first released on January 27, 2023.

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Most likely because the status is still ongoing, production of the storyline will continue. What do you think?

This is also at the same time a sign that means there is a possibility that in the future there will be a continuation of the story for the second season for the anime Ars no Kyojuu.

If there is updated information regarding when the exact release date will be, we will update it through this article. Now we can only give predictions if the second season will appear, more or less ready to be released in 2024.

What is The Plotline of Ars no Kyojuu Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Ars no Kyojuu Season 2?

In a world called Ars, Humanity leads a decades-long war against the Beast or gigantic vicious beast beasts.

These monsters destroy and even eat human resources. If left unchecked, it will certainly threaten the survival of mankind.

The Nagimori are a group of humans assigned to fight these giant beasts. Fight by using Kannagi’s destructive power.

Kannagi itself is a power that comes from creatures endowed with magical powers.

While in a state of grief after losing his teammate, Former Nagimori Jiiro runs into a man named Kuumi.

Kuumi is a young woman who has just awakened her kannagi magical powers. Finally, the two of them made a contract to save the city from the attacks of giant monsters.

Jiiro turns out to know some information about Kuumi, it turns out that Kuumi is on the run and is being chased by Mezami’s subordinates. Mezami is a head of research in a laboratory.

Jiiro helped kuumi escape. Jiiro finally begins his new journey with a young girl wearing a cat headdress named Myaa.

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When the three of them started wandering the lands of Arsian, the high-ranking officials started devising a plan to target them. The three exciting stories start from here!


That’s all the updated information from the anime Ars no Kyojuu Season 2 from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and can answer a little of your curiosity about how the production of this anime is progressing. Thank you and goodbye!

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