86 Eighty Six Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

86 Eighty Six Season 3

86 or Eighty Six is ​​one of the anime about the military that is awaited for the continuation of the next season. So when will the anime 86 Eighty Six Season 3 be released?

86 Eighty-Six adapted based on the Japanese light novel series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabi, 86 or Eiti Shikkusu is a science fiction anime Mecha. The story revolves around the war between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Giad Empire.

The people of San Magnolia believed that their country and the enemy were at war with drones, which kept the number of war casualties at zero.

However, the truth is something completely different. The Republic forced disenfranchised members of the Colorata community to pilot its Juggernaut drones for war.

In the first season of the anime, Vladilena Mirize aka Lena took the position of controlling the Spearhead Squadron and began collaborating with her battlefield commander, Shinei Nouzen aka The Undertaker.

The anime gets its name from the 86th District, the location of an internment camp for the Colorata community. As a result, community members are also referred to as 86ers. After the premiere.

The anime has received some positive reviews, with critics praising it, the complex characterization and plot that addresses issues such as xenophobia, racial disenfranchisement, and children in the military reviewed on the positive side of the critics.

When Will 86 Eighty Six Season 3 Release?

When Will 86 Eighty Six Season 3 Release?

Update: Unfortunately there is no information regarding the continuation of the anime 86 Eighty Six Season 3. We will provide further information if the latest details regarding this anime are announced in the future.

Eighty Six season 1 premiered on April 11, 2021, and aired 11 episodes before ending on June 20, 2021. It was originally planned that the anime would come out in 2020, but its release was delayed until Spring 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Studio A-1 Pictures developed this anime in collaboration with Aniplex, Kadokawa, Bandai Spirits, and Studio Shirogumi. Nobuhiro Nakayama is producing the series, with Tohimasa Ishii as the lead director, and Toshiya Oono serving as the chief of the scriptwriting staff.

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As for season 2, the official party has not thought far to develop it and the official schedule has not been confirmed.

Because the first season of the Eighty Six series will be divided into two courts for the broadcast season. So before the release of season 2, fans will first enjoy the second Eighty Six Cour.

Information regarding this division was announced long before the premiere began, the 11 episodes that have aired to date are the first Cour.

In addition, there is also a special episode entitled ‘The Poppies Bloom Red on the Battlefield’ or ‘Senya ni Akaku Hinageshi no Saku,’ which will be released on June 27, 2021, but for Eighty Six Cour both production parties have not announced the release date.

Any official announcements regarding the premiere of core 2 will likely be made after the broadcast of the special edition episodes finishes airing.

So from this data, fans are directed to watch the 2nd cour and its special episode first before being able to enjoy the anime Eighty Six season 2.

The number of episodes for Anime 86 Eighty Six season 3 has not been announced. However, the Chinese streaming service iQIYI lists a total of 23 episodes for the first season, meaning 86 Eighty Six season 3 will have 12 episodes.

What is The Plotline of 86 Eighty Six Season 3?

This plot was published before 86 Eighty-Six Part 2 was released for streaming and will be updated over time. This spoiler assumes that 86 Eighty-Six Season 2 will take on the story in the novel Volume 4.

Lena and Shin are finally reunited! The last time we watched anime 86, Gran Mur had been destroyed by a Railgun-type Legion the Morpho, controlled by Shin’s dead brother-in-law’s neural network, Shepheard Kiriya Nouzen.

Against all odds, Shin and the Spearhead Squadron defeat Morpho and free the Republic’s surviving citizens.

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Processors from the Republic’s Eighty Six Sector and the Federation’s Vargus Nordlicht Squadron have been combined into the eighty-sixth Strike Pack.

Now part of the army of the Federal Republic of Giad, Lena is in charge, which means she keeps her promise to go after Shin and his comrades.

Lena’s wish is to train the Eighty Sixers and rehabilitate them into a more normal way of life. But racism is still very thick in it.

Lena feels responsible for the 86 who died under her command and is frustrated by her inability to prevent more deaths. Shin assures him that it’s not his fault as they are working together for the good of the unit.

Their next mission will take them to an abandoned subway tunnel in Charite City. Known as the Charite Underground Labyrinth, this site has played host to the production base of the Underground Legion.

Barely surviving the dangerous mission, Lena was frustrated by Shin’s reckless actions because of how quickly he risked his own life. And can’t understand his way of thinking. This disagreement introduces awkwardness to their relationship.

Based on what they found at the Legion base, Strike Pack 86 is tracking down Legion developer Zelena Birenbaum. The trail led them to the northern part of the British kingdom of Roa Gracia.

There, 86 and Lena meet Prince Viktor Idinarohk and his personal bodyguard, a woman named Lerche who pilots Alkonost, a semi-autonomous mecha designed for combat in a snowy field. Shin quickly realized that something was wrong with Lerche.

It turns out that Lerche is one of many humanoid robots called Sirin, a reflection of the 86 embodied in machines. Similar to Legion, Serin is a robot possessing a structural copy of the human brain.

Shin struggles to accept this sinister new machine partner, believed to be no different from the Eighty Sixers used by the Republic of San Magnolia.

Sirin was created to fight other people’s battles as a disposable force, which basically makes them the other side of the same coin as 86’ers.

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These machines have personalities, so what makes them different from humans? Instead of being conscripted by force, Sirin himself voluntarily had their brain structures copied.

To prevent the structure of the brain from collapsing, their basic personalities and memories are erased and pseudo-personalities are installed.

Even when their mechanical bodies were destroyed, their reserves were reused to fight once again. Due to this ability to respawn relentlessly, Sirins tend to use reckless battle tactics and their Handler commander can give orders that are usually considered inhumane war crimes.

Sirin’s goal is to prevent biological humans from dying and ending up like them. They are truly willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of mankind.

Lerche understood why Shin was reckless but felt almost humiliated by how human soldiers could throw away their lives in a war where technology had surpassed human capabilities.

Lerche tries to teach 86 to value his life because humans can try again when they fail, which they can’t do when they die.

But Shin struggled to find something to live for because all he had known since childhood was the fight against the Legion. He also has a hard time forgiving himself for some of the deeds he did in battle.

Meanwhile, Princess Viktor can help Lena understand Sirin and the Eighty-Sixers’ way of thinking.

In this way, Lena matured both as a person and as a Handler by understanding the horrors they had faced, by trying to see Shin’s point of view, Lena began to close the distance that had grown between them.

While the characters are busy growing emotionally, Legion is busy plotting their deaths. Lena, Prince Viktor, and the commanders find themselves trapped inside the forts under siege by the Legion.

The sight they saw on this battlefield would haunt them forever.

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until the 86 Eighty Six season 3 anime is released to see what happens next.

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